Strona głównaGDYNIA BAŁTYCKABaltic Transport JournalBaltic Transport Journal. - 2016, nr 1

Baltic Transport Journal. – 2016, nr 1

First and foremost, welcome to the New Year of 2016. Do you have any resolutions?
I, traditionally, don’t have any, as I’m not a big fan of believing in magical powersenchanted dates. However, I read some time ago that New Year pledges actually do work provided that one has spent a sufficient amount of time mastering a proper strategy and tactics for accomplishing the given goal in advance… But arduously planning a change does not sound so romantic like making a champagne-infused vow while counting down from ten to confetti-kissing-firecrackers-chaos on e.g. Times Square.

Humble as it is, we’re sticking to delivering throughout the year the issues of our journal together with other publications in the best possible way for us.

With the 1/2016 edition, we’re starting off with a new column entitled Technology; therefore, I strongly recommend its premiere piece authored by Fraunhofer CML’s Ole John and Anisa Rizvanolli on the Sea Traffic Management Validation Project, a follow-up to the two MONALISA initiatives.

Alike in previous years, the Report is devoted to the Baltic Sea region’s top transport & logistics highlights of the past year. The Focus section is dedicated to warehousing, yet we’re tackling the topic from a future-oriented perspective; Katarzyna Chmielewska shows how warehouses and distribution centres are undergoing a cost-to-profit transformation, while Bartosz Dąbrowski’s piece looks into the connections between warehousing & logistics and the so-called Internet of Things.

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